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Start making money with Payza Payment Buttons!

  • For one-time or subscription type transactions
  • Attractive button styles
  • Donation buttons for non-profit organizations
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To start receiving checkout payments through your website, just submit your website for an easy and simple Website Review. Upon approval, you will be able to integrate our Payza Payment Buttons into your website and start making money! Shoppers will feel confident purchasing your products or services online — you now belong to the Payza-approved group of trusted businesses!

You can choose from a variety of buttons for one-time or recurring payments and for donations. They are easy to integrate and are available in different styles. Just copy and paste the generated code onto your website or email — no complicated programming.

One-Time Payment Buttons

Do you want to accept instant payments for your goods and services? If you are a merchant and need an affordable, secure and easy-to-use payment solution, integrate your website with Payza and experience the benefits of using our Buy Now buttons for one-time payments.

Benefits of a Payza Buy Now button:
  • Accept instant payments
  • No hidden or extra fees—only one low fee per transaction
  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Customers only need to enter their personal information once
  • Shopping-cart compatible
  • Logo + Action
  • Icon + Action
  • Action Only

Subscription and Recurring Payment Buttons

If you sell subscriptions and memberships of any kind or allow your customers to pay by regular installments, enjoy our subscription buttons. Manage your recurring payments and accept instant secure payments with one Payza Business account.

Use a Payza Subscribe Now button and your payments will manage themselves. Use it for:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions
  • Online and print newsletters, newspapers and magazines
  • Memberships
  • Donations
  • Installment plans
Payment Types

There are different types of payments that you can use this feature for:

  • Trial period payment - allow your customers to pay a given amount for a trial period.
  • First subscription payment - charge a discounted price for a customer's first subscription payment.
  • Regular recurring subscription payment - allow customers to pay the same amount at specific intervals.
  • Logo + Action
  • Icon + Action
  • Action Only

Donation Buttons

If you want to accept donations for your non-profit organization or charity, the Payza Donate Now button ensures that donations are made quickly and securely to your Payza account. It's easy—just copy and paste the code to your website.

Benefits of a Payza Donate Now button:
  • Accept instant payments
  • No hidden or extra fees — only one low fee per transaction
  • Built-in fraud prevention

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