You may be far from home. But your money doesn’t have to be.

From the most convenient, secure and easy-to-use online payment platform comes SimplySendBD™, the most affordable way to send money home when you’re living abroad.

SimplySendBD™ is the localized remittance platform that will lay the foundation for other localized SimplySendBD™ platforms to be launched in the coming months to other in-demand regions of the globe.

  • ✓ Send money from your Payza account
  • ✓ No Payza account required to receive money
  • ✓ Lowest remittance fees around
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  • ✓ Spread the word and earn some extra cash with the SimplySendBD Referral Program

It’s really this easy to send a remittance

  1. Choose the amount you want to send from your Payza e-wallet
  2. Enter the recipient’s bank account information
  3. Simply click “send” and it’s done!

What you see is what you send

You either pay $5 or $10. That’s it. Nothing else. No hidden costs or buried fees. And no surprises for your loved ones.

  • A remittance less than $500 USD costs you $5 to send
  • A remittance more than $500 USD costs you $10 to send

The money you see on your screen is the money that will be transferred directly into your recipient’s bank account.

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